Glen Michaelson who owns Connect2Geek is amazing. Love the service. Have used this for many many years. Will continue to use it and enjoy the convenience. Priced right too!
Shaun Tracy
Great and timely service! I especially appreciate how Glen comes to the home and helps me get my new computers up and going. He also provides quick responses to my emails, remotely accessing and tackling my computer challenges.
James Bledsoe
The service is fantastic even when you have uncooperative printers!!!
Sue Walsh
Connect2Greek's service is awesome. I had an email problem and was able to get it resolved with one phone call. I would have spent a week trying to figure it out myself. Rates are reasonable and the service is great. I give Connect2Geek 5 golden stars for the help they gave me. Try 'em you will like 'em.
Rick Baumgartner
Glen is a techno-genius and has never failed to rush to our rescue! He is great to work with, quick to solve our computer issues, and has great customer service. I'm so happy to finally have a reliable computer guy I can call!
Jen Gozart
Connect2geek is awesome! They are always there when I need help. And that is OFTEN.
Cindy Sawyers